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Each child is considered an educator in themselves by bringing their prior knowledge to the classroom to which they are encouraged to expand upon their understanding of different concepts.

  • Center-based play is our instruction model. Students will engage in various planned activities with the environment changing to accommodate new content.
  • Center-based instruction and play will evolve, allowing children more complex levels of thought/interaction within their environment.
  • Our curriculum is approved by ODJFS and is an aligned curriculum with the Step Up to Quality rating systems.
  • Students are encouraged to explore a concept, not memorize it. Project-Based Assessment: Teachers use the arts as a symbolic language through which the child can express their understanding.
  • Portfolios are kept to demonstrate growth and progressively carry through to each classroom.
  • Child-centered themes: Children’s interests will help guide the teachers planning.
  • Infant room to learn sign language and communication built on infant’s cues. (a technique in understanding infant’s body language and cause/effect relationships.)

Teachers are essentially researchers, paying careful attention to your child’s interactions and observing and analyzing their ability to understand, comprehend and build on a concept.

Age Appropriate Rooms
Each classroom has the age groups development in mind. It is clear throughout the furniture and materials used in that space that the focus is on play and learning. Please see below for the descriptions of each room.

Infant Room: 6 Weeks – 12 Months
This rooms theme is comfort and simple stimulating lines. Each toy and apparatus is designed to stimulate your child’s senses. We have mirrors, simple pictures and textures to stimulate and encourage your infant to start exploring! Teachers use sign language and infant cues to communicate and help your child express their needs and wants.

Toddler Room: 13 Months – 18 Months
This room focuses on the most basic concepts: shapes and colors. The room is designed to allow your child to see and discuss what they see and feel. Your child will learn to develop independent skills such as feeding and dressing themselves, sharing and encouragement to utilize language more frequently. The rompers in this space will be ready to move on to bigger discoveries!

Toddler II Room:19 Months – 2 1/2 Years
This room introduces the concept of co-existence within nature and also encourages more complex levels of dramatic play and expression. Students will start to learn more effective ways to coexist within their environment whether it is relating to sharing, caring or working within a more structured daily schedule. The snorkelers in this room will dive into more formal curriculum and instruction. They will be immersed in new concepts while refining their ability to work cooperatively. This room also finalizes the potty training experience before transition to Pre-School.
Pre-School I Room: 2 1/2 Years – 3 1/2 Years
This room introduces the concept of outdoor fun! Students in this room will explore nature in its most basic format. Children will not only explore the environment as seen from our windows but they also will be allowed to go outside and discover whatever they may find. The discovers in this room will start to express interest and understanding about how nature, animals and people interact and live together.

Pre-School II Room: 3 1/2 Years – 4 1/2 Years
This room introduces the concept of interdependence as a society. The students in this room will encounter more opportunities to collaborate with their peers and create/learned while working together. Children will be provided with a more structured day driven on the concept that we need each other to be able to complete tasks. The pioneers in this room will develop the ability to understand and collaborate with their classmates. Students will be provided with the opportunity to expand on the understanding that our world is very complex and interrelated.

Pre-Kindergarten Room: 4 Years – Kindergarten Eligible
This room is the last stop before kindergarten! The students in this room will be transitioned to a kindergarten schedule and routine by the end of the year. The classroom is very traditional and provides the structure needed to easily transition to kindergarten. Students will be immersed in a classroom that focuses on the concept of a multi-cultural society. Students will transition to kindergarten academically prepared and have exposure to the new and different people they will meet as they move on to primary school.

Above & Beyond

Learning Trails School provides a ODJFS/Step Up To Quality approved curriculum for all ages and environments which stimulate new conversations and experiences. We also provide enrichment activities outside of the classroom for your student(s).

Local Library Partnership:
Learning Trails School has partnered with the library to provide periodic enrichment activities for students 18 months – 6 years. A librarian attends quarterly and provides an enriching story time as well as a ½ hour of extension activities.

Parent Survival Nights:
We at Learning Trails have organized Parent Survival Nights. Your child may attend from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. while their parents spend an evening out. Special guests and a variety of movies, games and snacks will be planned throughout the evening. Students are encouraged to bring their pajamas and will be provided with a bed-time based on their parent’s preference. The students care is facilitated by existing staff members. Contributions/fees for this evening is provided to those staff members.

Routine Community Outings:
Learning Trails School is very lucky to be located near many area attractions. Students and their teachers, at both sites, will participate in many local field trips. Both of our sites will also engage in multiple on site specialty programs/presentations throughout the year. These trips and programs always coincide with your child's learning and curriculum. Parents and family members are always welcome to attend these activities.

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